What is oculoplastic surgery?

Oculoplastic surgery (around-the-eye surgery or oculofacial surgery) is the branch that provides the correction of the complications occurring around the eye area, eyelids, tear paths, and eye cavity with reconstructive surgery. The eyelid and eye contour is a much more sensitive area than other tissues in the body. The muscle that opens and closes the eyelid; It consists of adipose tissues, tear gland, tear drainage system, skin and supporting tissues. In oculoplastic surgery, it is necessary to show sensitivity to the protection of general eye health. It is of great importance that the operation to be performed is performed by ophthalmologists who have trained in oculoplastic surgery, who know the eyelid anatomy and the principles of aesthetic surgery. All kinds of treatment and reconstructive surgery applications are performed in the area of ​​aesthetics of the eye (oculoplasty), from the natural appearance of the sagging eyelids to the removal of the under-eye bags, from the prosthetic eye to intraocular tumor operations. Eye aesthetic operations can be applied to individuals of all ages whose needs have been identified by specialist doctors. The purpose of the oculoplastic surgery operations that we apply in Revo is to give the person a healthier and natural appearance, to make the person at the age it is but much more healthy and vigorous. For this reason, it is important that eyelid surgery is performed by oculoplastic surgeons who are close to the eyelid anatomy and who know the principles of cosmetic surgery.

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